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Hammer Mill & Impact Pulverise

Hammer Mill and Impact Pulveriser

Electrical Control Panel

Electrical Control Panel

Bakery and Kitchen Equipments

Bakery and Kitchen Equipments

General Brochure

General brochure containing description and image of all equipment of Pilotsmith giving their detailed features.

Pneumatic Tube System

Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) is used to transport samples and medicines in special containers all over a hospital through a tube network. The principle of operation and software driving the machines are quite simple. The system operates by a blower which creates positive and negative pressure as required.

Semi Solid Dozer

Semi Solid Dozer is simple, user friendly in design, highly accurate and easily opertable. It is an innovatived product for filling technology. The machine is tested under various parameters to ensure that it free from flaws. Our range of Semi Solid Dozing machines are ideal for filling Semi Solids and Semi Solid with Solids in bottles, cans, tins, tubes and in different type of pouches.

Flour Mill

Pilotsmith India has support of 25 years of research and development in the field of flour mill and food processing machinery manufacturing. This brochure describes mainly about machines generally used in job work flourmill, tiny food processing units, small quantity health food manufactures, ayurvedic clinics and hospitals and sampling or lab purpose of large industries. Our equipment list gives solution for raw material cleaning, processing and packing.


Pilotsmith India- the pioneers in food processing industry has an elaborate and dedicated production unit to manufacture good quantity of blenders to cater customer demands.Blender is a machine for mixing dry granules, powder, flakes, liquids and semi solids homogenously. Blenders are available in various sizes and shapes according to the nature of the raw materials and quantity of the raw materials handled per batch.

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